JCU is greatly concerned by the repeated anti-Semitic acts


The Jewish Confederation of Ukraine is greatly concerned by a series of anti-Semitic acts of vandalism.

On September 15, in Mykolaiv region, vandals defiled a monument to the Holocaust victims by painting it with swastikas and pasting a piece of paper with threats. On September 17, the same text was found on another desecrated monument – but already in the Kirovohrad region.

The police have opened criminal cases by the fact of vandalism, but the hooligans have not been identified yet.

The Jewish Confederation of Ukraine is alarmed by this repeated act of anti-Semitism. We urge the law enforcers to approach the issue of identifying the criminals as responsibly as possible. It is emphasized that it is especially important to solve this case in the shortest possible time, since it is rare that anti-Semitic organizations stop at the desecration of monuments.

We also call for vigilance of the citizens of Ukraine, Fix the actions of vandals and report them to the law enforcement authorities or to the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine at (044) 584 49 53.