Jewish communities of the whole world are shocked by the anti-Semitic attack in Monsey


The Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, as well as the World Jewish Congress, was shocked and indignant at the attack in Monsey, the state of New York on Saturday night. The attack was the latest in a series of horrific acts of hatred that took place in the days of Hanukkah in the United States.

The attack happened right during the celebration of the last day of Hanukkah. A man armed with a machete attacked people near a synagogue in Monsey, 40 km north of New York, at the time of lighting a Hanukkah candle.

Five Hasidic Jews were taken to a hospital with injuries. Two of them are in critical condition.

The WJC closely monitors the situation and thanks all law enforcement officers for their efforts to assist in bringing those responsible to justice. We feel sorrow for the victims, along with their families and the entire Monsey community — as do the communities around the world.

A number of attacks has happened in the region since Monday. The Monsey attack was the 13th registered anti-Semitic attack in the New York area since December 8.