About the Confederation

The “Jewish Confederation of Ukraine” an association of Ukrainian public organizations, was founded in 1999. The Confederation unites independent social, charitable and religious Jewish organizations.


Our mission is to unite the Jews of Ukraine, to help the Jewish communities in the country and to support the State of Israel. We also aim to preserve Jewish history, culture and the memory of the Holocaust, while strengthening people’s understanding of the involvement that the Jewish community has had in the development of Ukraine. We stand for both the fight against anti-Semitism and motivating international support for Ukraine's independence.


Strategic tasks


Development of the Jewish community

  • Uniting and supporting the Jews in Ukraine
  • Representing and protecting the interests of the Ukrainian Jewish Community both at home and abroad
  • Preserving Jewish heritage and promoting the development of Jewish life in Ukraine
  • Promoting dialogue and strengthening relations between the Jewish community in Ukraine and international Jewish communities
  • Cultural and Humanitarian Projects
  • Charitable activities


Fighting anti-Semitism

  • Creating a reliable monitoring system and running effective educational campaigns
  • Collaborating with state structures to detect anti-Semitic crimes and work to combat them
  • Sharing experiences with other countries facing similar challenges
  • Improving the quality of information and awareness of the problem of anti-Semitism both in Ukraine and at the international level


Memory of the Holocaust

  • Promoting the existing initiatives which work preserve the memory of the Holocaust, so that its significance in Ukraine may be better understood.
  • Participating in the activities of international organizations dealing with the issue of the Holocaust
  • Developing and implementing new programs to preserve the memory of the victims of the Holocaust and the Righteous heroes


Strengthening Ukraine's independence

  • Motivating Jews from different countries to support Ukraine's independence
  • Facilitating the strengthening of interethnic ties to assist the needy population through the Tikkun Olam projects
  • Improving interfaith and cultural dialogue in Ukraine


Supporting the State of Israel

  • Learning from each countries experience of fighting extremism at the border
  • Supporting the right of Israel to be called “the national state of the Jewish people”
  • Studying possibilities to expand cooperation between the two countries