50 speakers, 11 hours of discussions, 7 thematic panels - Boris Lozhkin summed up the results of KJF-2023

50 speakers, 11 hours of discussions, 7 thematic panels - Boris Lozhkin summed up the results of KJF-2023

The main broadcasts of the Kyiv Jewish Forum took place on February 15 and 16, but in fact the program of the forum began a few days before.

An interview with former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was recorded in London on February 8. On February 12, Bernard-Henri Levy and Natan Sharansky held an intellectual discussion on "Freedom and Tyranny" in New York. On the eve of the start of the Forum, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov managed to give a blitz interview before the expected meeting in Ramstein.  The KJF-2023 program started on the 15th. Borys Lozhkin, President of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, spoke about this on Facebook.

The forum was held on the eve of the anniversary of the hottest phase of the current war for freedom and independence of Ukraine. The speakers were actively looking for answers to a number of key questions of our time during two days: How important is bipartisan support from the United States for Ukraine? How great is the threat from the Russian-Iranian axis? What will the new post-war Ukraine be like and how much will it be like Israel of Europe? There were also discussions about the role of the global Jewish community in helping Ukraine and about a Ukrainian-centric post-war world. 

The main conclusion reached by the speakers is in the slogan of the forum:  Stand with Ukraine! This is the slogan that reminds all friends of the Ukrainian people that together we can overcome the most difficult trials. I am sure that the victory of Ukraine will be a victory for everyone who has stood up together with our country.

I would like to thank Tablet Magazine, the leading Jewish media in the United States, for their help in organizing such a large-scale discussion platform.

I am grateful to the 50 guests and speakers for taking part in the thematic panels. This year's discussions were especially frank and the topics raised were important for the future global agenda.

Special thanks to our media partners – NV, Obozrevatel, RBC Ukraine, Telegraf, and Combat AntiSemitism – who helped us bring the key messages of the forum to hundreds of thousands of viewers and readers.

Studios on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., Westminster in London and in a bomb shelter in the center of Kyiv were used as forum venues.  Nearly 11 hours of video recordings were made of the speeches and discussions on 7 panels.

After the many hours long recording of the forum’s second day, turning off the console, the sound engineer in the Washington studio uttered: "All I heard the whole time was:  Ukraine will win, when Ukraine wins, Ukrainians will win."

We can take this as the result of the forum. So it will be.

See you at the next Kyiv Jewish Forum.