JCU has taken part in the conference on the issues of restitution of the Jewish Property


On December 2, 2019, the JCU delegation took part in the Vilnius conference on the issues of restitution of property taken from the Jews during the Holocaust. The conference is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Terezin Declaration of 2009 on the return of property and values ​​to the Holocaust victims — to the Jewish communities and individual Jews — and related issues.

Ukraine is in the list of 46 countries that have accepted and signed the declaration.

The main points of the Declaration include:

  • Ensuring the social needs of the Holocaust survivors and other victims of Nazi repressions and persecutions
  • Return of the works of art confiscated and stolen by the Nazis
  • Restitution of the objects of Judaism and Jewish cultural property, of the archival materials
  • Development of the Jewish education and research, preservation of the memory of the past, and restoration of the memorial sites

The issue of restitution of the Jewish property and values is very important to the Jewish communities around the world. We hope that Ukraine will also find an opportunity to address the issues raised in the Terezin Declaration.

We are grateful to the organizers of the conference – the management of the Good Will Foundation, Andrew Baker, Director of International Jewish Affairs at the American Jewish Committee, and Faina Kukliansky, President of the Jewish Community of Lithuania.