More than 500 people participated the Memory march


On that day, they were shot in groups of 30-40 people. Non-stop. Loud music played to suppress the sound of shots, and an airplane was circling in the sky.

33,771 Jews were shot during two days, September 29 and 30, 1941. That was the beginning of the tragedy that went down in history under the name Babi Yar.

Jews marched in a continuous column from the current Lukianivska metro station along Melnikov Street to Babi Yar. The children thought it was a festive demonstration, and asked the adults to buy balloons and sweets for them. But only bullets and death awaited them.

In 2016, a writer, a member of the board of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, Yevhen Horodetskyi, walked along the last route of the Babi Yar Jews alone. A year later, 150 people were marching in the column, and more than 300 took part in the march in 2018.

Over 500 people participated The Memory march this year. Three kilometers of grief and remembrance of the people who had to die only because they were Jews.

78 years since Babi Yar tragedy