Prominent Ukrainian Jews call on Israel to cancel additional procedures for entry of Ukrainians and simplify reception of refugees

Prominent Ukrainian Jews call on Israel to cancel additional procedures for entry of Ukrainians and simplify reception of refugees

Eighty-five prominent Ukrainian Jews have called on the Israeli government and the Knesset to cancel additional procedures that make it difficult for Ukrainians, including those seeking asylum from the war, to enter.  RBC-Ukraine has the text of the statement at its disposal.

Among the signatories are businessman Andrii Adamovsky, journalist Dmytro Gordon, co-president of VAAD of Ukraine Yosyp Zisels, doctor and TV presenter Yevhen Komarovsky, Garri Korogodsky, president of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine Boris Lozhkin, media manager Yosyp Pintus, People's Deputy Mykhailo Radutsky, businessman Andrii Stavnitser, President of the FC Dynamo Kyiv Ihor Surkis and People’s Deputy Hryhorii Surkis, TV presenter Savik Shuster, as well as well-known Ukrainian rabbis, businessmen, politicians, cultural and scientific figures.

The signatories thanked Israel for voting at the UN for a resolution in support of Ukraine, public condemnation of Russia's aggression, humanitarian aid and Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's efforts for a diplomatic settlement.

However, according to the letter, Israel has introduced additional procedures for Ukrainians, making it more difficult to enter the country, even for tourism and business purposes, as well as introduced quotas for refugees. These measures caused a wave of criticism in the Ukrainian society.

“For many years,  Israel has been for Ukraine an example of resilience, heroism and selfless struggle for its freedom and independence.  And today, when the whole of Ukraine has come to the defense of its independence, many citizens of Ukraine turn to us with astonishment and indignation regarding the above-mentioned decisions of Israel,” the letter reads.

The signatories also reminded the Israeli officials of the persecution of Jews during the Holocaust, when many countries refused to allow Jewish refugees. At the same time, Ukrainians saved Jews, and today there are about 2,700 such Righteous Ukrainians in Ukraine.

“We are convinced that in the situation of war, closing the door to Ukrainians, imposing quotas and other restrictions is extremely inhumane,” said prominent Ukrainian Jews, calling on the Israeli government to lift the restrictions.

So far, the letter has been signed by 85 people representing the cultural, scientific, political and business elite of Ukraine:


Andrii Adamovsky – a businessman and philanthropist

Moshe Azman – Chief Rabbi of Ukraine, Chabad-Lubavitch

Kostiantyn Akinsha – a doctor of sciences, art critic, historian, and investigative journalist

Oleksandr Amirov – an entrepreneur

Alesia Batsman – a journalist and TV presenter

Mykhailo Beilin – a restaurateur

Boryslav Bereza – a People's Deputy of the 8th convocation

Mykhailo Berlin – Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Institute of Road Safety of Ukraine

Yaakov Dov Bleich – Chief Rabbi of Kyiv and Ukraine

Matvii Vaisberg –  artist, graphic artist, book designer

Olha Vasylevska-Smahliuk – a People's Deputy

Pavlo Vugelman – Deputy Mayor of Odessa

Arkadii Hartsman – a poet and screenwriter

Anatolii Hirshfeld –  President of the Ukrainian Machine-Building Industrial Group

Shaya Gisser – born in Odessa, a rabbi of the Jewish Russian-speaking community in Jerusalem.

Illia Holland – Master of Sports, founder of “Object Service”.

Borys Goldenshtain – the founder and CEO of Zezman Holding

Roman Goldman – a supervisor and CEO of Tel Aviv's First Medical Center

Dmytro Gordon – a journalist and TV presenter

Yevhen Gorodetsky – founder, NGO “March Babyn Yar”

Maksym Hryhoriev – a businessman

Oleg Yeliseiev – General Director of the telecommunication company TENET, Member of the Board of the Telecommunication Chamber of Ukraine, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Sailing Federation

Vadym Yermolaiev – a businessman and investor

Andrii Zaika – President of Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael, Ukraine

Oleksandr Zaradovsky – a businessman

Yosyp Zisels – Co-President, VAAD of Ukraine

Oleksandr Zlotnyk – Rector of the R. Glier Kyiv Municipal Institute of Music

Faina Ioffe – Director, Jewish Confederation of Ukraine

Anatolii Karminsky – Honored Builder of Ukraine

Anatolii Kesselman – General Director,  Hesed Shaarei Zion Charitable Foundation

Viktoriia Kinzburska – People's Deputy

Dmytro Kozedubov – Member of the Supervisory Board, Jewish Confederation of Ukraine

Yevhen Komarovsky – doctor of medical sciences, writer and TV presenter

Leonid Komsky – a gallery owner and the founder of the Dukat Auction House.

Gennady Korban – businessman, politician, philanthropist

Garri Korogodsky

Oleksandr Korotko – a poet

Volodymyr Kostelman  – the majority shareholder of Fozzy Group

Hanna Kotliarevska – Member of the Supervisory Board, Jewish Confederation of Ukraine

Rostyslav Levinson – President of the Kyiv City Jewish Community

Yevhen Lemberg – Chairman of the Board of the ARIKOL group of companies


Heorhii Logvinsky – People's Deputy of the 8th convocation

Boris Lozhkin – President of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine

Oleksandr Loifenfeld – a businessman and philanthropist

Oleksandr Lutsky – a businessman

Oleksandr Malin –  Doctor of Economics, Professor of the National Polytechnic University

Jonathan Markovitch –  Chief Rabbi of Kyiv Chabadf Or Avner

Oleksandr Melamud –  a businessman and philanthropist

Yuchym Mets – an honored master of sports

Yuriy Morozov – a member of the JCU Supervisory Board

Vadym Morokhivskyi – Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bank Vostok

Maksym Morokhivsky – General Director of City Rent Capital, co-founder of the NGO “Odessa Institute of Development”

Svitlana Nisilevich – Member of the Union of Theater Actors, President of the Guild of Entrepreneurs of Odessa

Valeriiy Pekar – a teacher

Oleksandr Pertsovsky – Member of the Management Board of Ukrzaliznytsia JSC

Yurii Pechersky – Representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Yosyp Pintus – a media manager

Volodymyr Pinchuk – Honored Builder of Ukraine, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine.

Pavlo Pisnyi – a businessman

Anton Ptushkin – a blogger

Mykhailo Radutskyi – People's Deputy, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Health of the Nation, Medical Care and Medical Insurance

Vilen Remenik – the founder of the VIK-A company

Svitlana Roiz – a child psychologist

Dmytro Sandler – a businessman

Oleksandr Sokolovsky – the founder of the group of companies “Textile-Contact”

Andrii Stavnitser – a co-owner and CEO of TIS

Hryhorii Surkis – a People's Deputy

Ihor Surkis – President of Dynamo Kyiv football club

Oleksandr Suslensky – President of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Council

Kateryna Terletska – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Mathematical Sciences, National Center Smaller Academy of Sciences

Hryhoriy Trypulsky – a lawyer, PhD in Law, member of the executive committee of the Odessa City Council

Serhiiy Fedorik – founder and partner of KEY Group

Oleksandr Feldman – People's Deputy

Mykhailo Frenkel – Editor-in-Chief of the Jewish Observer

Borys Fuksmann – Founder of the Jewish Legal Group of Ukraine

Yevhen Chepurniak – People's Artist of Ukraine

Yevhen Cherniak – a businessman

Tertiana Shats – an art critic, general director of the cultural and educational project ORMAN

Hryhorii Shverk – a People's Deputy of the 8th convocation

Anatoliiy Shengait – the director of the Kyiv City Jewish Community

Vladyslav Shereshevsky – an artist

Volodymyr Shpilfogel – President of East-West Express company

Yuriy Shpirt – owner of the ARBER company

Savik Shuster – a TV presenter

Maksym Yakover – Member of the Supervisory Board of the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center