Statement of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine

Statement of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine

The Jewish Confederation of Ukraine is shocked and outraged by the brutal attack by Hamas terrorists on Israel on the morning of October 7, 2023.

We, the Jews of Ukraine, declare a strong protest against the brutal actions of Arab terrorists. Today, on the holiday of Simhat Torah and Shemini Atzeret - the holiday of the Torah - when the whole world rejoices at the end of reading the Book of Life - our Holly Torah, and mark Happiness, the Blessing of the Lord for a good and successful 5784 year, we call on the whole world to rise up against the Arab Hamas terrorists who are killing the civilian population of Israel.

For more than thirty years, the long-suffering courageous people of Israel had not seen such cruelty.

Ukrainian Jews declare their support for the people of Israel and Ukrainian refugees in Israel.