Boris Lozhkin has been elected as Vice President of the European Jewish Congress

Boris Lozhkin has been elected as Vice President of the European Jewish Congress

The President of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine Boris Lozhkin was elected to be Vice President of the organization, which unites Jewish communities in 42 European countries, at the General Assembly of the European Jewish Congress (EJC), held online on October 27.

The EJC represents the interests of 2.5 million Jews living in Europe in the international arena. The Ukrainian Jewish Diaspora, the fourth largest on the continent, is an important participant in the life of the European Jewry.

The General Assembly has re-elected Dr. Moshe Kantor as its President for the third time running. Marie van der Zyl, President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, has been re-elected as Chair of the EJC Council.

Among the issues addressed at the assembly, much attention has been paid to the adoption of the IHRA’s international definition of anti-Semitism. Leaders of 42 European Jewish communities have vowed to promote the definition of anti-Semitism at the national levels.

The main goal of the EJC is to promote the principles of democracy in Europe based on good neighborliness, mutual respect and tolerance. The activities of the Congress are aimed at the development of Jewish life in Europe, fight against anti-Semitism, strengthening of the national identity of the Jewish people and preservation of the traditions of the European Jewry. The Congress actively cooperates with the UN, the OSCE and the European Union. The EJC is also a member of the Council of Europe.