Ukraine and Israel have a great potential for cooperation in different areas – Israeli minister Ze’ev Elkin at KJF 2020

Ukraine and Israel have a great potential for cooperation in different areas – Israeli minister Ze’ev Elkin at KJF 2020

Deep historical ties between Ukraine and Israel make it possible to develop cooperation in various spheres of the economy. And the Israeli experience of overcoming difficulties and turning them into points of growth can be useful for Ukraine. This has been stated by the Minister of Water Resources of Israel Ze’ev Elkin at the Kyiv Jewish Forum 2020.

Speaking about the economic situation and the challenges that the world has faced because of the coronavirus, Elkin clarified that Israel was flexible about the budget revenues and expenditures.

“When the economic situation in the country is good, we do not uncontrollably increase the expenditure item of the budget, but rather use the money to return the national debt. At the time when there is a crisis situation, we can afford to greatly increase the national debt, since we have reduced it in good years. It sounds paradoxical, but when there is little money, we spend more, and when there is a lot of money, we spend less,” the minister said.

Another peculiarity of Israel is its ability to turn a problem into a source of strength. Elkin explained that using the example of water resources:

“Israel is a country located at the most unfortunate distribution point of water resources in the Middle East. It seems that this problem would make it difficult to be engaged in farming and generally build any kind of prosperous civilization. Look at Israel today. It has become an exporter of water for its neighbors and one of the main exporters of water technologies,” he stressed.

According to Elkin, such an experience can be useful for Ukraine, together with which Israel can implement many new projects. Ukrainian programmers have already become the main source of labor for Israeli technology firms. Even greater success is possible in the agricultural sector.

“I see a huge potential for cooperation. Ukraine can be not only a source of agricultural products for Israel. I think that use of the Ukrainian opportunities with the Israeli technologies, and joint access to third markets, can be of benefit to both countries,” Elkin noted.

Kyiv Jewish Forum 2020 is held online on September 8-9, attracting hundreds of participants from many countries to the discussion. The organizers of the Forum are the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine and the Jerusalem Post. The first Kyiv Jewish Forum was held last year in Kyiv, bringing together about 500 participants.

As the President of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine Boris Lozhkin stated at the opening of the Kyiv Jewish Forum 2020, “in the past few years, we have witnessed a real revival of the Jewish life in Ukraine.”

“The Jewish Confederation of Ukraine seeks to contribute to the development of the global Jewish community, and that is why we organize the Kyiv Jewish Forum – a global platform to discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by the Jewry around the world, as well as to search effective solutions,” he added.