Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Ukrainian Jewish leaders


During the visit of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Ukraine he and his wife Sara met with members of the Ukraine Jewish Community. JCU CEO Inna Ioffe took part in the meeting.

«It is especially moving to be here and visit Babi Yar again, to understand the amazing path we took from that valley of death to the zenith of all nations. Today, Israel is a world power, a rising world power.

And Ukrainian Jewry gave birth to some of our greatest geniuses, and they were all suffused in our heritage. They were familiar with Jewish tradition, they did not shun it. Of course, they wanted to seize the future and build a country, but they did not shut the door to the past. On the contrary, they sanctified Israel’s holiness; they embraced Israel’s holiness; and they learned about Israel’s holiness. These things grew largely in Ukrainian soil»,— Benjamin Netanyahu said in his speech.

«Ukraine and Israel must continue to build on their shared Jewish heritage and strengthen their partnership through various joint initiatives in economic, security and cultural spheres. Ukrainians have a lot to learn from Israel, which has managed to thrive despite being surrounded by hostile neighbors – an experience particularly pertinent for the eastern European country right now», — commented Boris Lozhkin, JCU President