Vadym Karasiov apologizes for the voiced on Newsone fake about Jews in the Nazi army


On the eve of the 75th anniversary of the victory over Nazism, the Newsone channel aired a scandalous statement by the political scientist Vadym Karasiov and owner of the network of EuroLab clinics Andrii Palchevskyi, in which they claimed that about 150,000 Jews fought in the Waffen-SS troops on the Nazi Germany’s side during World War II.

This statement received wide publicity and caused indignation of the Jewish audience in Ukraine and all over the world. The Jewish Confederation of Ukraine issued a separate statement in which it condemned the knowingly false facts voiced on Newsone.

The text of the statement on Channel 112 was read out by Yevhen Chervonenko, one of the first heads of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine: “The Jewish Confederation of Ukraine is deeply outraged by the false and, in fact, anti-Semitic statements made on Newsone by Mr. Karasiov and Mr. Palchevskyi on the eve of the Victory Day over Nazism. It should be noted that a case on charges of denying the Holocaust against the author of the old fake about 150 thousand Jews in the German army was brought by the law enforcement authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany already many years ago.”

We are talking about an American historian with the Jewish roots, Bryan Rigg, who in the early 1990s conducted a so-called study in Germany, interviewing 400 former Wehrmacht soldiers, explained the Jewish Observer’s editor-in-chief Mikhail Frenkel. According to Frenkel, Rigg learned from some of the interviewed persons that they had had some people with distant Jewish roots among their acquaintances. Based on his “poll”, Rigg later made a statement about Jews who fought in the Hitler’s army. At the same time, Bryan Rigg immediately extrapolated the data of his so-called polling of 400 people to the entire Nazi Germany’s army of 17 million. The fake about 150,000 Jews in the Hitler's army was born in this way.

This conclusion is fundamentally wrong, since, according to the laws of Germany of those years, all Jews were deprived of their civil rights, including the possibility of serving in the army. And people with distant Jewish roots can be found in large numbers in all corners of the world, but it is wrong to consider them Jews.

In its statement, the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine called on the authors of the scandalous statement to publicly refute the information they have voiced.

“We are sure that the activities of the Newsone TV channel are not aimed at inciting inter-ethnic hatred. In connection with the foregoing, we believe that the Newsone TV channel’s management should immediately demand a public apology from the above individuals to stop the anti-Semitic bacchanalia and mockery of the memory of millions of the Holocaust victims,” Yevhen Chervonenko quoted the statement of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine on Channel 112.

It also became known from Yevhen Chervonenko that Vadym Karasiov had already apologized and admitted his mistake.

“There were no Jewish Waffen-SS divisions. It was a blunder, a mistake,” Vadym Karasiov said on Newsone.